Sheeple.net is a blog site that aims to provide information about health issues and the correct and most effective way to use medication.  We give helpful advice on everyday health concerns and answers questions that can occur in your day to day needs when health problems rear its head.  The main purpose of this blog is to offer knowledge and know-how to help you make informed decisions about health and the treatment of illness.

Sheeple.net have a team of experts that will guide you through those unfamiliar, unknown spaces that can be left after visiting a doctor, and you couldn’t understand half of what was said and did not feel free to ask some more questions.  We do try to make people feel more comfortable when asking questions about health and medicine.  After all, it is your health and body, and you should feel free to learn how to cope with its problems.

We also try to help a person understand that they do have a choice regarding the treatments they take and the medicines they get prescribed.  Even though the medicine is prescribed, it might not be good for you.  When you have more knowledge, provided by us, you will feel more comfortable to ask for something else.

The name, Sheeple.net, says it all, the meaning being, “the passive herd behaviour of people easily controlled….which likens them to sheep”, herd animals that are led about.  We would rather work toward providing you with the knowledge and confidence to ask questions and make your own decisions regarding health and medicine.