5 Things You Did Not Know About Antibiotics:

Antibiotics can be lifesavers.  It can cure many an illness, but there are things that it cannot cure and it can have negative effects when not used correctly.

5 Things to Know before taking Antibiotics:

  1. Antibiotics cannot cure colds and flues: A misconception about antibiotics is that it can treat every kind of infection.  Viruses are the cause of flu and colds.  Antibiotics do not have any effect against viruses.  Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections.
  2. Antibiotics weaken the immune system: Antibiotics cannot make the distinction between a good and a bad bacteria, and therefore kills both.  Good bacteria need to keep a healthy, strong immune system going that helps to fight off infections.  Without good bacteria, the immune system weakens and you will be susceptible to infections.  Bacteria can also become antibiotic resistant, it will not react in the expected ways if you misuse of overuse antibiotics.
  3. Green Tea can boost the effectiveness of an antibiotic: Green tea can make the bacteria-killing activities of antibiotics stronger.  It can also reduce the chances of bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant.  Green tea also kills resistance in certain strains of bacteria and can also help with the treatment of illnesses.
  4. Meat can decrease the effectiveness of antibiotics: Antibiotics is used commonly in animals.  This can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the animals.  These bacteria then can contaminate the animal’s meat.  Through handling or eating the meat, it can spread to humans.  Resistant bacteria can cause severe Illness.
  5. Antibiotics can increase the risk of obesity: Antibiotics kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria, disrupting the balance in the gastrointestinal tract.  Antibiotics can even permanently alter the balance of bacteria in your gut.  Antibiotics also send signals that confuse important hunger hormones which can increase your appetite. Of course, there are other medications out there that can help treat obesity.

No new antibiotics have been discovered recently.  Developing new antibiotics became too expensive and this led to a lack of interest towards new antibiotic discoveries.  This can become a major threat to public health.  Antibiotic resistance will become out of control and then useless to fight disease.…

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